Soap Making At Home Podcast

Lemon Poppy seed soap

This podcast episode was recorded in March 2014 for The Greening of Gavin Podcast and Kim joined me behind the microphone to talk about soap making at home.  You can listen to it via the player below.

We talk about how we got into soap making, the basic process, some early failures and successes, safety suggestions, and some advanced soap making techniques that we use.

Lemon Poppy seed soap - Soap Making at Home
Soap Making at Home

We have been using our own soap now for over four years, and I even wash my hair with it as well.  It is a great moisturising bar that doesn’t tighten your skin after washing.

Kim and I love our natural soap, with no added nasties.  We always source sustainable ingredients, and only use vegetable oils in our soap.  Not only is it good for us, but it is good for the environment.

I also mentioned a few links during the show;

Enjoy listening to this episode titled Soap Making at Home!


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