How To Make Whey Ricotta

Whey Ricotta

Whey Ricotta is a very simple cheese, both in flavour and technique.  With a few simple ingredients, you can make this refreshing cheese including other variations using our Mozzarella and Ricotta kit.

When we hold our Mozzarella and Ricotta cheese making workshops, we always keep about 6 litres of whey so that we can make more Ricotta when we get home.   It is certainly a great way (no pun intended) to use the largest by-product in the cheesemaking process.


You can use your ricotta in many savoury dishes including Baked Ricotta, but one of my favourite recipes is Chocolate Ricotta Tart.  It is simply delicious, and a little bit decadent.

Chocolate and Ricotta Tart - Whey Ricotta

Just a tip if you are going to use our whey ricotta recipe.  It is best to omit the cheese salt during the milling stage  for a sweet dish like the tart, but leave it in if using the whey ricotta in a savour meal like lasagna or cannelloni.

Either way, this cheese will certainly help you gain confidence to try other cheeses that are a little more difficult.

Enjoy your whey ricotta!

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