Our Handmade Soap Moulds

Handmade Soap Moulds

We take great pride when producing all of our soap making products and the handmade soap mould that is packaged with each soap kit is no exception.

Gavin crafts these soap moulds in his little workshop out of plywood, screws, glue, and nails.  He then sands them smooth ready for Kim to burn the label onto the mould, ready to pack into each soap making kit.

Handmade Soap Moulds

We have been selling so many soap making kits over the last week, that we had to knuckle down and make some more.  Throw in the two soap making workshops later in the month and all that demand should keep him busy for quite a few hours (more like days)!

Because we are a sustainable small business, all of the electricity we use for the saw, sander, and drill is renewable solar PV from our solar array on the car port roof.  Clean as a whistle, and great for the environment.

Handmade Soap Moulds

So, if you are after an easy to use handmade soap mould, we sell them in the soap making section of the shop.  They are hardy, easy to use, and long-lasting.

The soap making kits are also very popular, so check those out while you are there.  Handmade soap, using our cold process method, is easy to make and you know exactly what goes into your very own bar.  It is great fun making soap!

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