How to Mature Your Cheese

Mature your cheese - Romano Pepato

Now that you have made your amazing cheese creation, how do you keep it at the right temperature of between 10° to 14°C for the long maturation period?  Some of my hard italian cheeses can take over a year to mature including the full flavoured Romano Pepato pictured below!

Mature your cheese - Romano Pepato
Romano Pepato matured for 17 months

If you are fortunate to have a basement or root cellar, then you are all set, however these storage options are not very common here in Australia.

But one appliance that most homes do have is a beer fridge!  A beer fridge is usually a small refrigerator that is often left turned on even when empty, and not used all that often.  What better way to mature your cheese than your beer fridge.

Unfortunately these fridges are difficult to keep at the right temperature to mature your cheese as they usually hover around 4°C using the internal thermostat settings.  However, I have discovered the perfect solution that will regulate the temperature at the right conditions and turn that old beer fridge into the ideal man-made cheese cave!  The solution is the External Cheese Fridge Thermostat.

External Cheese Fridge Thermostat 2
External Cheese Fridge Thermostat

This external cheese fridge thermostat is perfect for the home cheese maker.  Setup time is less than 3 minutes.  I have had one  of these external thermostats controlling my own cheese fridge without issue for just over a year.  To aid my fellow cheese makers I have created a set up video to make the process trouble-free.


We have these external cheese fridge thermostats in stock, ready for immediate shipping Australia wide.  There’s nothing to stop you from successfully making your own cheese at home.  Best dust off that beer fridge and get cracking.  That cheese won’t make itself!

Don’t forget that you can find a wealth of free cheese making information over at our cheese making blog, Little Green Cheese.  There are many cheese making video tutorials, podcast episodes, and cheese recipes for you to create and mature in your very own cheese fridge.

Happy cheese making curd nerds!

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