Soy Tealights and Melts Enhancing the Mood

Blue/Silver Mosaic Crackle Oil Burner back

Who doesn’t like filling the room with an amazing fragrance to set the mood for the evening?

We love lighting up a homemade soy tealight, popping it into an oil burner, and adding a cube of scented soy melt on the top.  Not only does it provide soft lighting, it enhances the mood and helps you to wind down after a long day of work.

I know that this is one of my favourite ways to relax on Friday evenings after a hectic week and a glass of vino!


So what do we use to create this atmosphere?  Well, of late we have been using our own eco soy candle products that we’ve been making here at home.  However, it wasn’t until about 12 months ago, when we first started teaching soy candle making at workshops, did it dawn on us that others may want simple kits to enable them make melts and tealights in the comfort of their own home.

To that end,  Kim has been busy behind the scenes creating some beautiful and practical soy candle making products.

This week, we have released a practical little soy candle making kit that includes enough soy wax and equipment to make six tealights, one soy melt tray and a beautiful oil burner to use them in.

Soy Melt Tealight Oil Burner Kit #1
Soy Melt Tealight Oil Burner Kit #1

There are three variations of oil burner and priced at less than $35.00.  An amazingly simple kit, that will enhance any room you burn the candles in.

In addition to these kits, we have gone all out and created the Mega Soy Tealight and Melt Kit!  Our 133 piece Mega Soy Tealight and Melt kit contains all the ingredients and equipment required to make 10 Melt Trays, 10 Maxi lights, and 20 Tealights valued at over $100 if you bought them separately!  All that plus a beautiful Blue/Silver Mirror Crackle melt burner to use with your soy creations.

Mega Soy Tealight and Melt Kit
Mega Soy Tealight and Melt Kit

It certainly makes a fantastic gift, or at the least it keeps little hands busy over the school holidays (with supervision of course).

Kim is also putting together a few glassware products to add to the soy candle which will be released in the next two weeks, as well as a range of fragrance oils for soy candle and soap making.

It certainly is exciting times here at Little Green Workshops!

Check out our extensive range of soy candle making kits and supplies for all your candle making needs.

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