Cheese Making Kits for Father’s Day

Cheese making kits for fathers day

Cheese making kits for fathers day

Does your Dad like cheese?  Stupid question really because being a Dad myself, I love the stuff.  Not only do I love eating it, I love making it.  The sense of pride when sharing with my children, Kim, and friends is such a great feeling.

Why not spoil your Dad this Father’s Day (Sunday 6th September) by getting him a cheese making kit.  We have eight kits to choose from in the cheese making section, more than enough to start your Dad off on his curd nerd journey.

So what are you waiting for?  Head over to the cheese making kit section for more information!  He will soon be up to his elbows in curds and whey and loving it.

Get in quick before the shipping window closes.  Last post for Parcel Post Standard is Friday 28th August and Express Post is Wednesday 2nd September.

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