Making Lemon Cream Pie Soap

Lemon Cream Pie Soap

This amazing soap looks good enough to eat!  So good that we decided to produce a video about making Lemon Cream Pie Soap.

Lemon Cream Pie Soap 2

During this video we added Lemon Zest fragrance oil, then split the soap batter in two, adding white titanium dioxide to half and Yellow soap colouring to the other.

The addition of Calendula petals into the cream part of the soap provides a toasted coconut effect without the discolouration that real coconut would have made.  The Calendula petals have healing properties and are great for your skin.

Before you start, make sure you check out our Quick Cold Process Soap Making Method video tutorial to ensure you are familiar with mixing your base oils, water, and caustic soda.

If you are not familiar with handling caustic soda for soap making, be sure to watch our Soap Making 101 – Care with Lye video tutorial.  Ensure you are wearing all your safety gear before starting the soap making process.  Better safe than sorry.


To make Lemon Cream Pie soap, you will need the following equipment and supplies, which are available in the soap making section of our online shop;

After cutting your soap, let it cure for 4 to 6 weeks on a drying rack in a cool dry place.  Turn each bar every couple of days so that it dries evenly.  This ensures that the saponification process is complete and your Lemon Cream Pie soap is safe to use.

For those of you who have completed our beginners soap making course, we cover this technique and many others in our Advanced Soap Making Course.  If you live in the Greater Melbourne area, be sure to attend so that you can take your soap making to the next level!


2 thoughts on “Making Lemon Cream Pie Soap

  1. Carolina says:

    I am an enthusiast in soap making. In fact I have made batches of soap here in victoria. What kind of insurance is good for small business like me? I intend to sell my soap online. Thanks for your help.

    • Gavin says:

      Hi Carolina, unfortunately, it is illegal for us to provide you with insurance advice. Please consult your local insurance broker for the best advice regarding this.

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