Global Shipping Now Available

Global Shipping

Little Green Workshops have been regular suppliers of cheese-making products to the global curd nerd community since 2015, with positive reviews about our international delivery service and prompt delivery times.

Because of this success, we recently performed a review of the global shipping available for products in our store.  We are happy to report that we have greatly expanded our shipping destinations from a handful of destinations to many, many countries throughout the world (assessment is based on our shipping carriers’ reach and current UN Sanctions).  You can check if shipping is available for your country by using the shipping calculator on the cart page of our site.

We have also reviewed the list of products that we can send via Airmail to these expanded destinations and only had to restrict a few categories that would otherwise breach international aviation rules (i.e. fragrance and essential oils which are considered a risk).

To assist with product selection when next you browse our store, here is a list of our product categories that we can now ship globally;

  • All Art and Craft products,
  • All Books,
  • All Cheesemaking products,
  • Soap-making books,
  • Soap-making equipment,
  • Soap colours,
  • All Soap silicone moulds,
  • Bio Glitter,
  • Clay,
  • Mica,
  • Packaging and Wrapping,
  • Candle-making books,
  • Tealight cups and Melt trays,
  • Candle-making equipment,
  • Tealight holders,
  • Oil burners,
  • Bath & Body books,
  • Bath bomb moulds, and
  • Bath & body equipment.

We look forward to assisting you with your future purchases and global shipping from Little Green Workshops!

Keep well and safe

Gavin & Kim Webber

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