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Curd Nerd Newsletter Edition #4

Vegemite Cheese

G'day Curd Nerds. Welcome to the fourth curd nerd newsletter.

As I am still working on the Cottage Cheese video tutorial, I thought it would be a great time to showcase one of this year's favourite cheeses I made with Vegemite (the salty black yeast extract).

You would think that this would overpower the cheese and make it too salty, but not so. The Vegemite cheese has a well-rounded flavour with just the right amount of salt for flavour.

It was so good that we ploughed through the cheese within 3 weeks. You should have seen Kim's face when I told her that it was all gone. It was a sad day indeed.

I like to think that this cheese is a unique Australian creation that would stand on its own and probably win a prize at any cheese competition. It is that good!

So if you can get your hands on a jar of Vegemite, then do yourself a favour and make this cheese. You will not regret it. Also, after you have watched the video tutorial on how to make this cheese, please take the time to check out my taste test video for an honest opinion of this Aussie classic, Vegemite Cheese.

For those of you who want the written recipe, here is the recipe card for purchase.

Yours in Cheese,

Gavin Webber
This week's special offer is the products I used to make this magnificent Vegemite Cheese. Use coupon code vegemite at the cart or checkout and get 5% off the products listed below.

Mesophilic Culture MA 4001 LYO Choozit


A manageable 100-litre packet of CHOOZIT MA 4001 LYO suitable for English and American style cheeses.

Dosage; Use 1/32-1/16 tsp. per 3.7 litres (1 gallon). 1/8 tsp. per 7.5-18.9 litres (2-5 gallons)

Quantity; Approx 1.8g

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MA 4001 Caerphilly

Rennet Liquid Vegetarian Dropper Cap 200 IMCU


Used for milk coagulation in all cheeses that require rennet.  Suitable for Vegetarians.    FPC Rennet strength –  200 IMCU/mL

Quantity: Select below

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Rennet Liquid Vegetarian

Calcium Chloride with Dropper Cap


50 ml of Calcium Chloride with a dropper cap.  30% Solution

Perfect for yoghurt and soft cheese making.

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Calcium Chloride with dropper cap

Cheese Salt Coarse


Coarse non-iodised cheese salt.  Cheese salt is used to help in flavour production, preservation and brining your cheese.  Can also be used for home preserving.

500g package

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Cheese Salt Coarse

Cheese Basket 165 mm with Follower

$24.95 inc GST

This Cheese Basket is 165 mm wide and 140 mm high.  They are perfect for making larger wheels of cheese and we use them for semi-hard and hard cheese when using the follower.  Can be used as a large hoop (with bottom) for making blue, Stilton, and brie.

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Cheese Basket 165 mm with Follower
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