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Curd Nerd Newsletter Edition #7

Chilli Halloumi

G'day Curd Nerds. Welcome to the seventh curd nerd newsletter. This week's free video tutorial features a twist on a classic Cypriot cheese, Chilli Halloumi!

I first stumbled upon this cheese at a BBQ hosted by some friends, long before I started making cheese. I was surprised that this cheese did not melt, and browned on the exterior when fried in olive oil. This gave it a delicious rind and a softer centre. I was told it was best consumed with a small slice of watermelon, and my mind was blown.

After sampling this gastronomical delight, I was hooked. We bought some every few months and it was a staple at our own barbeques.

So, once I began to make cheese myself, I scoured all my cheese-making books and the web for a recipe, but I couldn't find one that I was satisfied with. I made a few attempts, but it just wasn't right.

Then I found a YouTube video of a couple of ladies in Cyprus making Helim and Halloumi, which is actually the same cheese. They showed the basic process, which I was able to cobble into a recipe. I made a successful Halloumi for the very first time in October 2013. It was a crowd-pleaser for sure. I fried some up for my Cypriot friend Mick and he loved it. "Just like Nonna used to make back home", he said.

Well, fast forward to this month, nearly 10 years later, and I decided to add Chilli flakes to the simple cheese. The result was fantastic; the regular decadence of Halloumi, with a chilli kick! Absolutely perfect.

I highly recommend that you give my recipe a go, you won't be disappointed. Here is the recipe card for those interested;

Yours in Cheese,

Gavin Webber

P.S. Don't forget to let me know if you're enjoying these newsletters, just reply back to this email. I would love to receive your feedback!

Upcoming Video Tutorial

In next week's newsletter, we will be featuring a new cheese creation, Cotschilli! This was requested by Kim, but I tell the story of the cheese next week! Whilst it's still in production, I am very excited about this cheese, which features onion flakes, dried chives, dried chilli flakes, and garlic powder!

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This week's special offer is a discount Fresh Cheese Kit that you can use to make this week's featured cheese, Chilli Halloumi. Use the coupon code chilli in checkout or cart to get 10% off this beginner's cheese-making kit that I've featured below.

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Instructions to make Feta, Halloumi, Cream Cheese, Cottage Cheese, and Quark.

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