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Curd Nerd Newsletter Edition #12

Buffalo Mozzarella

G'day Curd Nerds. Welcome to the 12th Curd Nerd newsletter.

This week's free video tutorial is Mozzarella di latte di Bufala aka Buffalo Mozzarella. I'll just start by saying that the flavour and texture of this cheese were better than I had ever hoped for and was superior to using cow's milk for the same cheese. You just have to try and get your hands on some Water Buffalo milk!

The idea for this tutorial happened when a local customer was picking up a cheese order and we began to chat. He mentioned that the new Indian grocery at the top of town (Punjab Imports) sells Buffalo milk in 2-litre cartons but it is very expensive. That's when I thought of making this delectable cheese that is extremely popular throughout the world.

When I got to the grocer the price was indeed high. AUD$10.99 for 2 litres for this scarce commodity, but I believe it was definitely worth it. From this milk (I used 4 litres / 1 gal) in the recipe, I ended up with about 1kg of fresh Mozzarella di Bufala.

You can get an Aussie replica of this cheese in the shops for about AUD$58 per kilo, so it's cheaper to make it yourself. The cost of the Italian DOP version here in Australia is over $100 per kilo! Crazy stuff, so well worth making it if you can get the milk and have the time.

The process of making this cheese was fairly straightforward and I added instructions in the video to test for curd stretch with and without a pH meter. Overall, I was pleased with the recipe and the resulting Mozzarella. Both Kim and Ben can't get enough of this cheese, so I am going to have to make some more real soon!

So if you would like to make it, you can follow the video instructions or get the Mozzarella di Bufala recipe card here if you would prefer the written version.

Also in cheese news, I've restarted my Little Green Cheese podcast again for this season, which is full of cheesy information, news, and answers to listener questions. You can find the audio version here, or watch the video version on the dedicated Little Green Cheese Podcast channel. Next Monday evening, I'm recording my 100th episode, quite the milestone. It's something I'm very proud of.

So thanks for reading and don't forget to check out this week's special offers from our store.

Yours in Cheese,

Gavin Webber
Mozzarella di latte di bufala

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