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Handmade Soap from Our Workshops

Advanced Soap Making Course - Soap logs

We’ve been making a lot of handmade soap from our workshops as demos for the students before they make their own soapy creations. Here are some of our creations made over the last month which will be available for sale in our handmade soap section of the store in four weeks time. Here are a couple […]

Using Himalayan Rock Salt in Soap

Ocean Breeze Soap with Himalayan Rock Salt in soap

Salt in soap?  That’s a bit unusual isn’t it? Well not if it is Himalayan Rock salt in soap!  Himalayan Salt has been touted to offer detoxifying benefits, stimulate circulation, and soothe sore muscles.  It’s pink in colour because it’s rich in 84 essential minerals and vitamins, including naturally occurring iodine. We think it’s the […]

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