Gavin has been making and teaching people how to make cheese since 2009.Quick Mozzarella

He has successfully made over 35 different types of cheese at home, and have been blogging about this subject at Little Green Cheese for over 5 years.  He has dozens of cheese making video tutorials available at

The Cheese Making Courses are held at the Melton South Community Centre in Melton South, which is part of Greater Melbourne, Victoria.

If you don’t live in the area that we currently service, don’t forget that we have a comprehensive range of cheese making kits with full instructions available in the shop.

Please Note

2017 Term Two course dates are now available for booking.

Preventing the milk from burning

Thanks Gavin and Kim for our wonderful workshop today! Ann and I loved every moment. Looking forward to mastering the art of cheese making over the coming months/years.

MaryAnne / Eltham
Paneer being cut

Thank you Gavin and Kim. I thoroughly enjoyed the Beginners Cheese Making Course. The cheeses we made and took home were wonderful!  I am itching to make some more cheese at home now.  Pip and I made the Chocolate Ricotta Tart on Sunday evening and then ravioli with ricotta, pumpkin, baby spinach and thyme on Monday evening.  Very keen to attend an advanced cheese making course in 2017!!

Margie / Biloela

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