Beginners Cheesemaking Course in Melton

Beginners Cheesemaking Course

This weekend was so much fun.  I taught my first three cheese beginners cheesemaking course at Melton South Community Centre. Yes, we had taught cheesemaking courses before, but just mozzarella, and not in long form.  My new course was 5 hours 30 minutes long and the students learnt how to make three basic cheeses; Paneer, Whole […]

Layering Technique – Cold Process Soap

Cold Process Layering Technique

This amazing soap is very easy to make and uses a simple layering technique. Using our cold process quick method that we teach during our Advanced Soap Making class, it only took us 30 minutes to create this soap.   SAFETY FIRST Suit up for safe handling practices! That means goggles, gloves and long sleeves. Make […]