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Simple Pink Salt Scrub For Perfect Exfoliation

Island Coconut Pink Salt Scrub Kit

At Little Green Workshops, we believe in natural body products that don’t contain harsh chemical cocktails and that are safe for your skin.  That is why we developed the Island Coconut Pink Salt Scrub Kit. With only four ingredients, this scrub is about as simple as it gets.  Check out how it is made in […]

Our YouTube Pages and Where To Find Them

Our YouTube Pages

For those of you not familiar with us, we are not just Little Green Workshops by name.  We teach workshops globally, virtually of course, and use YouTube to accomplish this. Every week I post at least one cheese making video on my personal channel and both Kim and I are involved in the production of other […]

Beginners Cheesemaking Course in Melton

Beginners Cheesemaking Course

This weekend was so much fun.  I taught my first three cheese beginners cheesemaking course at Melton South Community Centre. Yes, we had taught cheesemaking courses before, but just mozzarella, and not in long form.  My new course was 5 hours 30 minutes long and the students learnt how to make three basic cheeses; Paneer, Whole […]