Successful Little Green Workshops in 2013

November was exceptionally busy for Kim and I, teaching three classes at Melton South Community House.

Earlier in the month we taught soy candle making. We had seven students, all very eager to learn how to make soy wax candles.

Little Green Workshops

Kim loves teaching this workshop, and she does all of the instruction for this one. I am her obedient helper for this course.


This is the way she sets up each student’s workstation. They get to take home quite a few candles and a small box of melts.


Here are some of the students creations. Some great candles were produced on the day.

The very next weekend, it was Soap making class. In this course, I do all the chemistry and instruction, with Kim washing up between sets. Then we swap roles, and Kim does the what to when you get home demo. We teach four students at once, with a maximum class size of eight.


These are all the wooden soap moulds that I made for the class. Perfectly fitting bottoms that can be removed to release the soap after the block has hardened.


This is the set up for the students. The table in front is where I make the first batch of soap as a demo, and the four student workstations are set up against the wall. This is so we have adequate ventilation after adding the sodium hydroxide to the water to make lye. You can see that we are very well organised.


This was a great class with everyone taking home a 1 kg block of scented and coloured soap, which in 4 weeks will be ready to use. Kim also sets up a little shop to sell materials and equipment that the students may want to purchase.

That takes us to Sunday just past. I taught a Mozzarella and Ricotta class for five student at Melton South Community House. Kim was my assistant for this one. There is not much washing up after the class as each student brings their own pot and spoon. I provide the ingredients and the camp stoves. It is a great little class and everyone goes home with their own Mozzarella that they have made. Quite a bit of cheese was eaten at the end of the class as well, because we serve up some sliced baguette so the class can try their cheese. Kim then plays shop, and sells kits if the students want to make more cheese at home.

So, that was the very last class for 2013, as we now take a break over the hot summer months and begin again in March 2014. I can proudly announce that we will both be teaching people sustainable living skill in 2014, both locally and around the Greater Melbourne area. I have a few sustainable living presentations booked already that will be held during February (Sustainable Living Festival event), and all our other classes are locked in for the first term at Melton South. You can find all the new course dates from our home page.

Thanks so much to all the students who attended our classes during the entire year. Both Kim and I are very excited about what 2014 may bring!

Here’s to a great year ahead teaching people new skills in the new year.

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