Changes at Little Green Workshops

video tutorials at Little Green Workshops

We have big news that we announced via our YouTube channel last night!  Here is the announcement below or you can visit this link;

For those who aren’t into watch videos here is a brief summary;

First of all, we are discontinuing our face-to-face workshops and transitioning to paid video courses and free YouTube tutorials.  This is due to a lack of time because of unbelievable growth in our online store which is taking up all our resources.  Also, because COVID19 is the new normal with a permanent solution a long way away, we believe that to serve our customers better, video tutorials and courses are the future of our business as well as running our eCommerce store which supplies the kits, supplies and equipment that we always have.  Our beginner’s cheese-making course has already been transitioned for the last year and is serving a worldwide student base.  You can find it here; Cheese Making Courses or you can learn from the free tutorials on Gavin’s cheese-making channel;

Secondly, we’ve built a new studio on our premises which has become the main workspace for our business.  It has helped us become more efficient and to be able to process more orders with the same amount of staff.  It is a brilliant workspace that Kim, Ben, and I to work in and we love the building.

Thirdly, the new video tutorials start next Thursday on the Little Green Workshops YouTube channel.  If you haven’t already subscribed, please feel free to do so (it’s free), so that you get informed when a new tutorial is released.  We will be focusing mainly on soap making (cold process and melt & pour), soy candle making, bath & body, and a smattering of home brewing.  However, we are open to suggestions from our customers so please leave any video tutorial ideas in the comments below.

Well, folks, that’s it.  That’s our big news.  There will still be workshops at Little Green Workshops, just not face-to-face.

video tutorials at Little Green Workshops

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