Soap Making – Cutting Your Soap

Cutting Your Soap

Once your soap has hardened, usually 24-48 hours after pouring, the next step is to remove from your mould and cut the block into bars.

Using our wooden moulds, this is very easy to achieve.  Because our hand-built wooden moulds are made in two parts, the sides of the mould lifts off the soap block, leaving the block sitting on the bottom of the mould.  Then the block can be removed from the mould bottom and unwrapped from the plastic wrap that you lined the mould with.

Sounds easy enough, but to help out, Kim and I made a short video showing you how easy it really is.   It is titled Cutting Your Soap, and steps you through the entire process.

After cutting, you need to cure the soap bars for between 4 to 6 weeks.  During this cure period, trace amounts of residual lye are consumed by saponification and excess water evaporates.  In an upcoming video, we will show you how we cure all our soap that we sell in our shop.

Enjoy cutting your soap!

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