Quick Cold Process Soap Method

Quick Cold Process Soap Method - Light trace

Kim and I recently discovered a quicker method of making cold process soap.  No more waiting for oils to heat up on the stove top.  This is truly a cold process soap method.

We don’t need to heat the base oils because when the caustic soda (lye) and water are mixed together, they heat up to about 75°C because of a chemical reaction.  I love science!  This is not only enough heat to melt any solid oils or fats, but it is enough heat to kick-start the saponification process.

Quick Cold Process Soap Method - Light trace
Soap batter at a light trace.

There only a couple of things to consider if using this quick cold process soap method.  You will not need to stick blend very long to bring your soap batter to a light trace.  Only about one minute tops as it comes to trace rapidly.

Also, after pouring it into the mould, it goes hard within about 2 hours, so if you are poking in embeds into the surface, you have to work quickly.  If layering different colours, this is the perfect method, because each layer gets firm after about 10 minutes in the mould, so you can spoon on the next layer without the new one sinking to the bottom.

Anyway, enough words.  During the second try, we decided to make a video tutorial to share our new method.  The video also shows our favourite oil combination for making cold process soap that we share with all our students.


Why not give it a go the next time you make soap? This is now my most favourite method of bringing the soap batter to trace. Best of all, you don’t need to use any energy which is usually an addition cost.

We have now begun to show this method to our students during our Advanced Soap Making Course, and they certainly do like the quick cold process soap making method!  A lot less fuss as long as you work quickly during your soap making session.

Our Deluxe Soap Making kit contains everything you need to start making cold process soap.  It’s very addictive!

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