Our YouTube Pages and Where To Find Them

Our YouTube Pages

For those of you not familiar with us, we are not just Little Green Workshops by name.  We teach workshops globally, virtually of course, and use YouTube to accomplish this.

Every week I post at least one cheese making video on my personal channel Cheeseman.tv and both Kim and I are involved in the production of other workshop videos posted on the Little Green Workshops channel.  Lately, we’ve been focusing on soap making demonstrations, making many interesting styles of cold process soap.

Little Green Workshops YouTube Cheeseman.tv YouTube

A video is so engaging and easier to show people techniques that would otherwise be difficult to describe in instruction booklets.  They are especially good for expanding our reach to people who are geographically separate and cannot attend our workshops in person.

I find that they act like a knowledge base that I can share with customers when they enquire about a particular difficulty they may be having with their soap making or cheese making, and I can simply shoot them a video link and solve their issue quickly and efficiently without much fuss.  Not only do our customers like it, but it saves us time so that we can answer more questions efficiently.

No one misses out on after sales support using video to speed up the process.  Everyone wins!

So what do these videos look like?  Glad you asked!

Here are a couple of recent examples, one soap making, and one cheese making.

So, every chance we get, we take the effort to make a video so that you can learn from our successes and the occasional failure.


2 thoughts on “Our YouTube Pages and Where To Find Them

  1. Patricia Todd says:

    Thanks for a great tutorial, made my first batch of cold pressed soap yesterday and loved it. (daughter showed me) it was so easy I would now love to be a bit more adventurous with some colours. have just watched the coconut lime bar. Thanks for a great demo. I live in Bendigo and would love to get some supplies. What is the address of your store as it not too far to come.

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