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Little Green Workshops have been servicing your crafting and hobby needs for over 8 years and would like to showcase your creations for free.  Kim and I are always delighted when you send us photographs of your amazing soap, candles, cheese and other products.  Your talent is inspirational and remarkable.

We intend on promoting our customers work via our blog so that the world see your amazing creations and so they can learn a little about you and your own hobby or small business (if you have one).

So all we need from you (if you choose to participate) is the following to write a quality blog post;

  • High-Quality photographs of your creations,
  • A couple of paragraphs about what you have made and why (300 words maximum please),
  • A short brief about your hobby or business including a link to a web page of your choice (if you have one),
  • And optionally, a photograph of yourself.

To submit your work, just shoot us an email with the subject of “My Creation” to; gavin (at)  If you decide to participate and we choose to highlight your work, we will send you a 10% discount coupon as a way of saying thank you!

To get the ball rolling, I’ve listed three examples of what Kim and I have created with our kits and products so you get some ideas for your submission.

Queso Oaxaca

Queso Oxaca

Oaxaca, also known as Queso Oaxaca is a Mexican name for a semi-soft, white, string-type, Hispanic-style cheese made from cow’s milk. Belonging to the pasta filata family, similar to a Mozzarella, Oaxaca is a stretched curd cheese, kneaded and sold in long ropes gently wound in balls.  Gavin made this cheese using the ingredients found in the Italian Cheese Kit and his own recipe in August 2018.  It has amazing flavour and was absolutely delicious in Quesadilla.

Melt and Pour Soap

Kim made this amazing soap bar using Clear Melt and Pour soap base with liquid soap colours and bio-glitter.  This project was completed in November 2018 and will soon be appearing as a kit in our store.

Luxury Soy Candles

Luxury Soy Candle Kit

In preparation for displaying a candle kit on our website, Kim made this large array of beautiful soy candles using the Luxury Soy Candle Kit.  It took her a few hours and they look and smell amazing when lit.  The scent fills the entire room!

Please note; Little Green Workshops will select the best submissions for each blog post.  Our decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.  If you are successful, you will be notified by email and sent the discount coupon code.

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