3 Ways to Save More Cash off Your Orders

Save more cash

Here at Little Green Workshops, we have 3 ways to save more cash off your orders each time you shop with us.

We have a loyalty and rewards program called Little Green Points, we have a Rewards for Review program, and finally, our weekly Creators Showcase.

Little Green Points

Our loyalty and rewards program is an automated, store-wide feature that becomes enabled when you create an account.

Points are only awarded when you create an account and are logged on during checkout. Unfortunately, points are not awarded to guest customers as our system cannot track them when you are not logged on. We know that setting up an account is sometimes a pain, so we issue you with a bonus 250 points for creating one!

The rest is straight forward.  For each AUD$2.00 spent at checkout, you will be issued with 1 loyalty point.

We honour the redemption of Little Green Points at the checkout to the value of 100 points equals a discount of AUD$1.00 at the checkout. Your points are then reduced in volume according to the amount used for the discount purpose in the checkout.  You can use your collected points at any time as there is no cap per order.

Unfortunately, Little Green Points are not redeemable for cash or any other means of payment. Points expire one year from the issue, so use them a quickly as you can.

Little Green Points
The information you will see upon checkout

Reward for Review

The second way you can save is to write a review on a product that you have previously purchased.  Firstly, you have to log in to your account, then for each review written by you, and once reviewed by one of our team, you will receive a 10% discount coupon automatically via email.

Regardless of the star rating that you give our products, you will still receive a discount coupon.  With that said, please contact us via phone or email if you have any issues with your order before you leave a review.  We believe that our customer service is second to none, so we will endeavour to fix any issues as soon as we are notified.

Rewards For Review
A review from a satisfied customer

Creator Showcase

We love to showcase our customers work.  Turning our kits and raw materials into a product worthy of giving or sale takes time and effort, so we like to show off your work and give you a discount coupon when we publish a story about it.

How does it work?  Well, all we need from you (if you choose to participate) is the following to write a quality blog post;

  • High-Quality photographs of your creations,
  • A couple of paragraphs about what you have made and why (300 words maximum please),
  • A short brief about your hobby or business including a link to a web page of your choice (if you have one),
  • And finally, a photograph of yourself.

To submit your work, just shoot us an email with the subject of “My Creation” to; gavin (at) littlegreenworkshops.com.au.  If you decide to participate and we choose to highlight your work, we will send you a 10% discount coupon as a way of saying thank you!

You can find a sample creator showcase blog post that we wrote about one of our customers here to get the feel for what we are after; Creator Showcase – Jess Wearne.

Crisp Apple Rose 2019
Crisp Apple Rose Cold Process Soap made by Kim

Discounts Abound

So those are the 3 ways you can save more cash when shopping with Little Green Workshops.  Hopefully you have a better understanding about how to effectively use these discount options next time you shop, review, or create.

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  1. Marion Phillips says:

    Thank you Kim for your great help over the phone. I am really looking forward to receiving
    my first order. It will be wonderful to have my house smelling sweet.

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