Creator Showcase – Anne Berriman

Anne Berriman

Today’s creator showcase features the work of Anne Berriman.  Anne lives in O’Malley, located in the Australian Capital Territory and has been a customer since February 2019.

Her joy is crafting and painting.

Anne says, “I hand pour the paintings with the colours of your choice”. We think they look amazing.

Anne Berriman Gift Basket

She also makes gift baskets that she sells to locals.  They contain her artwork and spa accessories like candles, bath salts, soap, and bath bombs all presented in a calico lined wicker basket.

“I make gift baskets, either small, medium or large to give as presents, and I have just done one for a mothers day raffle. The bath salts and bath bombs help you relax after a long day,” adds Anne.

Lip Balm

“I also make a range of lip balms in Strawberry that are so soft to use; I won’t use anything else now.”

Great work Anne, you have a vast range of talents! We especially love your gift baskets.

If you would like to contact Anne regarding her work, you can email her at alberriman (at)

Anne Berriman receives a 10% discount coupon that she can spend in our store for featuring on the creator showcase.  If you have a submission for the creator showcase which features weekly on our blog, then send your submission via email with the subject of “My Creation” to gavin (at)

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