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Charlie Pace cheese spread

I’ve known Charlie Pace for what seems like ages.  He’s a quiet and unassuming guy when you meet him at first, but once you get to know Charlie, you soon discover the passion he has for cheese making and is an awesome bloke!  Charlie has been a regular customer of Little Green Workshops since early 2016.

Charlie’s Cheese Origins

Charlie was born on the tiny Mediterranean Island of Malta where cheese, as well as bread and wine, was always on the table.

He recalls, “We mainly had the local cheese called Gbejniet but for us, it was almost always Gbejniet tal-bzar (small black pepper cheese).”

Charlie Pace With His Cheese
Charlie Pace With His Cheese

“We also had Ricotta which we sometimes made from the sap of the Fig tree and used to cook with it in several of our dishes. Of course, we always had Parmesan cheese as pasta is a staple in Malta as well as Italy (only 100 kilometres away ) and you can’t eat pasta without Parmesan”, Charlie adds.

Finding His Passion

So why did Charlie start making his own cheese?  He said that finding my web site brought back the passion for making cheese again and as you can see there just isn’t too much cheese one can make.

He is a regular attendee on my Ask The Cheeseman live streams and actively participates in the chat.  Now that is a very keen cheese maker!

Which Cheese Is His Favourite?

“Maltese Gbejniet tal-bzar, Cheddar and Parmesan are the favourites here at home but I love making others and am a real lover of all Blue cheeses (but not the rest of the family).”

Charlie Pace cheese spread
All the cheese that Charlie has in his ‘Cheese Cave’

What Cheese Has He Made?

On the table, there are the following types of cheese; Cheddar, Gbejniet, Jarlsberg, Parmesan made with full cream milk, Parmesan with skimmed milk, Leicester, Pepato Vaccino Romano, Caerphilly, Monterey Jack with chilli, Emmentaler (Swiss), and a few other duplicates.

Charlie often tells me when he visits to pick up supplies that his family cannot get enough of his cheese, which is why he makes so much!  It is good to feel that your hard work is a treasured part of the families tradition.

Charlie Pace receives a 10% discount coupon that he can spend in our store for featuring on the creator showcase.

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