Soy Melt Kits

Deluxe Soy Melt Kit
Deluxe Soy Melt Kit
Deluxe Soy Melt Kit

There is nothing more pleasant than walking into a room and you are greeted by the mild perfume of a soy melt.  It tantalises the senses and lifts the soul.  Even more so when you realise that the scent hasn’t been sprayed from an aerosol using hydrofluorocarbons or one of those plug-in odour disguising appliances that consumes electricity while you sleep.

The previous paragraph may sound overly dramatic, but that is how I feel when I walk into one of our rooms here at home in which one of Kim’s soy melts have been burning in an oil burner.  It also puts a smile on my face to know that it is all handmade including the tealight that is heating it.

I was a bit slow in warming to the idea of using melts until we began teaching how to make them during our soy candle making classes.  I wasn’t sure if they were environmentally friendly, but just the fact that we use EcoSoya® wax and that the soy melt trays can be used over and over again once washed out in warm soapy water half sold me on the idea.  And once I smelt them burning, Kim had converted me.

When you think of the alternatives like a few drops of essential oil in water in an oil burner or scented aerosol air fresheners, or plug-in air fresheners, soy melts not only tick all the environmental boxes, they are cost-effective to make yourself.

Soy Melt kits
Soy Melts

This is why we have produced three soy melt kits, because we know that there are others out there who love a scented room, but don’t like the other alternatives.  We created a Mini Soy Melt kit with a low price point for those new to candle making who want to dip their toes in the water.  There is also a mid-range kit for those who have already purchased candle making equipment.  Finally, the Deluxe Soy Melt kit for those who want to jump in feet first and want all the gear to make loads of soy melts.  Kim has also written a great little booklet to accompany each kit so that you are not left in the dark and can get stuck in straight away when it arrives at your door.

We also field many questions about soy melts during our classes, but the one that is reoccurring is probably the simplest one.   How do you use them?  Well that question prompted us to make a short How To video to show the simplicity of using soy melts.


For those interested in learning more about our soy melt kits, click-through to the shop using the button below.  Each product has a detailed description of the kit contents.


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