7 Reasons Why You Should Make Your Own Cheese

Why you should make your own cheese

I have been making cheese at home since I first attended a cheese making course back 2009, and it has grown to become an amazing hobby.  We are never short of a delicious wheel of cheese that has been lovingly created here in our own kitchen.

But why should you make your own cheese?  Well let me give you seven good reasons why you should give it a try.

Why you should make your own cheese1. It is a lost art.

Making your own cheese is the culinary equivalent of sending morse code. There just aren’t that many people who have the skill anymore. When you master it, your homemade cheese will always be a hit at any party or family gathering.

Want to become an expert? Begin with an easy kit like our Mozzarella & Ricotta, and work your way up to harder cheeses  such as Cheddar or Cotswold using our Hard Cheese Kit.

2. Homemade cheese contains wholesome ingredients.

Commercial cheeses may contain artificial colors or additives, especially processed cheese. Making cheese at home lets you to choose your own ingredients, the best milk, and decide what works best for you.

3. It is simple!

There are only a few simple steps to cheesemaking, and they are basically the same no matter what kind of cheese you want to create. Once you have mastered those few simple steps, you can make anything, from cheddar to camembert.

We can help you get started! Check out our cheese making video tutorials from Gavin’s cheesemaking blog, Little Green Cheese or check out Gavin’s cheese making book, Keep Calm & Make Cheese.

4. Homemade cheese connects you to your food.

As you learn to make cheese, you will begin seek out the best milk for your product. You will ask many questions, and start talking to other home cheese makers (if you can find them). Learning about making your own cheese may just get you thinking about how other foods are manufactured.

5. It is as inexpensive as you want it to be.

Unlike other hobbies you don’t need a lot of fancy equipment and supplies to make cheese. A large stockpot, a basic thermometer, a couple of cheesecloth, and a few cheese cultures will set you off on your cheese making journey.  Or you can buy a cheese making kit with all the gear so you can jump right in.

Why you should make your own cheese6. Children love it.

Kids love to make cheese because kids love to eat cheese. If you have children young or some in their teens, cheesemaking is a great kitchen activity.  If you homeschool like we do, cheesemaking is a unique way to teach science and chemistry.

Try an easy Soft Cheese Kit for a great family project.

7. It is simply delicious!

No matter what kind of cheese you end up making, your homemade cheese will still be edible. Some of the most famous and rare cheeses were discovered completely by accident. Even if you think you’ve messed up your cheesy creation, just drain, salt, and age it.  You never know what you may have created.  You may not ever be able to repeat your masterpiece or failure, but you can still enjoy eating it.

Once bitten by the cheese making bug, it hard to stop making the stuff.

Ready to Get Started? Try these Cheese Kits from our shop:


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